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Sunday, February 13, 2005

different moulds

you look good on paper
and yo seen like a nice guy
we like the same things

you have it all
and you want me
we even get along

yo are different
and in a good way
we complement each other

you are very open
and you are honest
we have shared a lot

you could be good for me
and you could break my heart
we could break each others

you are...

but we are not the same

So unsure

so confused
so unsure
so confused from being unsure
so unsure from being confused

so mixed up
so unsure
so mixed up from being unsure
so unsure from being mixed up

so undetermined
so unsure
so undetermined from being unsure
so unsure from being undetermined

so right
so wrong
so fucked up
so why?
i need to take a step

Saturday, February 05, 2005

random thought

your hair so smooth and shiny
your face so perfect and symetrical
your hands so soft and clean
how dare you look like that


I stand and wait
Legs aching
Bare footed people walk in and out
Am I just like them?
It smells in here
I can’t put my finger on the smell
A lady is to excited to be here
What is wrong with her?
I hate it here
But I must come
The smell might be the person behind me
Him or poverty
I hate to be here
It gives me the creeps
It leaves me feeling frustrated
I hand over a piece of paper
Say some words to a cranky uninterested lady
It will be great to leave
I’ll be back again
But not if things go well for me
I hate it here

Are you lost?

You were just here
Have you left?
Then I lost you
Have I lost you forever?
I saw you not long ago
Will I see you again?
I wanted to speak to you
Where did you go?
I don’t know where you have gone
How can I find you?
You didn’t leave anything
Why did you leave?
I must have missed you
Was it I?
Next time I don’t want you to leave
Will you be back?
I will stay with you
Will you stay for me?
Don’t leave me
Will you stay with me?
You are lost

Small things

I’m staring at a pole
It can’t be that interesting
But still I stare
It is blue and has a ruff surface
I wonder how long I can stare at with out being bored
It is round
It is holding up the roof
Or is it holding up the floor
If it weren’t for that pole the roof would cave in
Wouldn’t that be funny?
There is another pole
So if I get bored I can stare at the other one
I’m not thinking I’m just staring
Look how the light and shadows affect it
Oh it has a black ring on it
I didn't see that
i wonder how long i can stare at that

random thought

It keeps on going
Never ending
I wish it would stop
It just goes on an on

My monkey (Trinkets)

My monkey won’t leave me alone
He claws the flesh of my mind
He climbs and swings
Shouting obscenities as he goes
He vandalizes my soul
He defecates in my heart
Tearing me apart
He bites my self-esteem
He should go back where he belongs
Back to the quiet jungle
He rages over the city
He causes havoc
Making me chase him and lock him away

random thought

State of bliss that is so fragile
Peace of mind that is so fake


Which way do I go?
Which way is right?
There are two roads
Both ways are what I want
One is paved in gold
Lined with flowers
Looks fantastic but unsure
One is dirt road
Lined with sinister trees
Looks scary but interesting
They both end on the horizon
Unsure where they end up
Interested where they go
Where do they lead?
Which one has a happy ending?
I will never know
No one has a map
I’m dying standing at the crossroads
There is one other road that is well paved
Lined with green pastures
Looks easy
But I know where that ends
I don’t want to go there