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Sunday, March 27, 2005

not so open minded after all

you all dance around
the questions you don't want to hear answers to
you want to know but at the same time you don't
you don't understand me
not anymore
you don't understand the way i feel
you may never understand
because you don't want to know
you must know for this is me
and if you want to be my friend you will have to know
you think i have changed
but it is your veiw of me that has changed
you wanted me to do this
for your reasons
you no longer want this
now the dye is cast
you no longer want to understand
you wnat me to go back
be "normal"
this is normal you just have to change your perspective

mixed reaction to you

i shouldn't be doing this
im already not functioning
but i can't resist you
i need to sleep
i need to be refreshed for tomorrow
but i seem to need you more
i need to touch you
i want to sleep near you
but i want to sleep
i hate you so much
i love you so much
but what type of love is this
it is more like an addiction

Saturday, March 26, 2005

you have a way of dancing around
around what you really want to say
say to me what you want me to hear
hearing you use big words in attemts to confuse me
me the young one with no idea
ideas i understand more than you
you can even make a decition with out my input
imput i don't want to make all the time
time to say you are pissing me off
off i must go
go or stay

i don't know

but sometimes i like you to much to go
but not enough to stay

i'm in 2 worlds over you

Your body isn't what i desire
but your mind is
your face is not what i am attracted to
but your sence of self is
your apperance is not what i'm into
but your sence of humour is
your persona is not what i look for
but you as a person is
your sexuallity is not what i want
but your sex is
you are not a body
you are not a face
you are not your apperence
you are not your persona
you are not your sexuallity
but i still don't love you as much as i should