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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Random thought

Love is unexplainable, fantastic and terrible
But worth it
I love love

I want to be yours forever… Be mine.

You are perfect…
No! Perfect is not enough
You are an angel
And that doesn’t seem that much
No one even stands a chance
It’s going to take a lot to surpass you
No ones going to
All of you better pick up your game
Or no ones going to win
You win
Oh to touch you
To kiss you
To see you for a moment
To be in your presence
Would stop this
Not for long
It wouldn’t be enough
I need you forever
I’ll love you forever
I’ll be yours
I’m yours
Forever is not long enough

I promise

You took a piece of me
A piece of my heart
It belongs to you
You will have it forever
I have a piece of you
You can’t have it back
It’s mine
No one can have it
Its mine forever
No one deserves it
Keep away
It’s mine
I’ll guard it with my life
I love you
I’m alone now
Your love haunts me
Tears won’t stop
They will flow me a river
To you
I’ll be there as soon as I

Here, there, everywhere, forever.

It had to happen
It was inevitable
I don’t feel right
I’m not here
I’m there with you
I know
A piece of me will be with you forever
I’ll be your
Whenever you want me
I’ll be here
Until I can get to you
I belong in your heart
Keep me there
I feel safe there
You live in mine
So close to me
I feel safe here
With you there
Stay with me everywhere

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

random thought

Why does everything work so well?
Like wheels in a clock
Well oiled and new
But the time is wrong
Everything is wrong
I can’t go on like this
Not for much longer

You won’t like me

Your mind so closed
Your face tells me nothing
Your smell on me
You’re on my mind
You won’t go away
I don’t want you to

Your eyes burn my soul
You smile lifts my sprit
Your body covering mine
Your lips on mine
Your breath on my skin
I want you now

Your hands all over me
Your fingers entwined in my hair
Your voice in my ear
You’re the one
You’re the only
I believe now

It hasn’t even started

I don’t want this to stop
I never seem to do this right
I always do this wrong
I’ve done it again
I want you
You probably hate me already

It’s all my fault