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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

YAY 4 Moi

it's all about me
it's time to care for me
think about me
plan for me
no-one else is going to do it
so i think i will
enough caring for others
I'm not broken
I'm just fixing the broken parts
it feels so good
i don't want to hide
i don't wanna runaway
i wanna be me for once
i want the old me back
the one i liked
the one i loved
you can all go get fucked
I'm the most important thing right now
get my life on track after being derailed for so long
a fresh start for me
no more that's the law
your number nine on the list of things to do
if you didn't hear the first time

the end new begining

im over it
i can finally say it doesn't hurt
have fun
see ya round
my heart is empty
now i can have another
I'm a new boy
one year and I'm normal again
i wasn't that bad really
i don't think I've been worse but i wasn't that bad
it's over
so long
you don't live here anymore
you are welcome to stay but you can't live here
I've made room for another
I've made space for them
you don't belong
this is it
it's over