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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Beautiful woman on the bus

Your eyes so distant
You mind so far away
You stare out the window
Do you have love?
You dress to impress
But do you have anyone to impress?
You stroke your beautiful hair
And stare
I should talk to you
You look interesting
But why
I don’t know you
You look lost and confused
You should not be this way
Your eyes do dreamy, aloof and far away
You are a face in the crowd
But you are stunning
You should be painted
Your lips are perfection
You have left
I wonder what your life has in store

Half life

It’s strange the way I feel
Not dead but not alive
So dead inside
But so full of life
Death is so close but to alive to die
Full of power I never knew I had
Power from a source I don’t understand or comprehend
I always thought I could stop
But I can’t


Do I need to feel like this to do this
I don’t always feel like this
But when I do I write
I hate to feel like this
But I love to feel free
I feel free when I do this
I feel like a free man
I still feel like crap but free
Wondering when it will stop
But not wanting it to


You were my friend once
I hope you can be once more
But after what we have been through
You were my comrade before
I hope we can be once more
But we have both changed
You were my companion then
I hope you can now
But we have drifted apart
You were my buddy in the past
I hope you can be in the future
But we are different people
You were there for me
I hope you can still be there
But you live so far away
You understood me some how
I hope you still can
But I’m not the same
I miss you


You won’t know me
You won’t know my heart
You won’t know my mind
You won’t know my soul
You won’t know my spirit
You won’t even know my name
But I will share a part of me with you
that no-one else will know

I want you

To touch you would be bliss
I want to touch you
To be near you would be a dream
I want to be near you
To kiss you would be ecstasy
I want to kiss you
To be yours would be heaven
I want to be yours
To love you would be nirvana
I want to love you
To have you here would be enough
I want to meet you

You are all the same

If you could feel what I feel
You would feel for me
If you could care like me
You would care
If you could have any interest at all like me
I would interest you
If you could know what I want you to know
You would want to know me
If you could love you the way I love you
You would want to love me
If you could feel what I feel
You would feel for me
If I could show emotion like I want to
I could feel emotions
Maybe you feel that?
Are we all the same?

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

To feel

Is a feeling that make you want to
Scream or hurt something
Is a feeling that makes you want to
Smile or jump in the air
Is a feeling that make you want to
Cry or hide away
Is a feeling that makes you wan to
Relax or go to sleep
Is a feeling that make you want to
Know or stop thinking
Is a feeling that make you want to
Scream, smile, cry, relax and know
I don’t feel angry anymore
I don’t feel happy anymore
I don’t feel sad anymore
I don’t feel calm anymore
I don’t feel confusion anymore
I don’t feel love anymore
I feel purple

I try

I tried to make myself perfect for you
But you must think that I am to perfect to have
I’m not perfect
You think I have no issues
And you don’t want to put yours on me
I want your issues
I feel like you need me
But you are to wrapped up in yourself
I need you
I have given you a lot of my time
And you have none for me
All I have is time
I try not to let myself get hurt
But you seem to hurt me
I don’t want to hurt
I hurt for you

Monday, January 24, 2005

You are not helping things

You say I’m cute
But it doesn’t make me feel beautiful
You still don’t like me
You say I’m a nice guy
But that doesn’t make me feel better
You still don’t like me
You say I’m adorable
But I don’t feel adored
You still don’t like me
You say I have a great personality
But I don’t feel anymore personable
You still don’t like me
You say I’m not like other guys
But I feel so generic
You still don’t like me
You say I’m gentle
But I feel like smashing your head in
You still don’t like me
You say you don’t want to break my heart
But it is too late because
You still don’t like me
You annoy me with your complements

Sunday, January 23, 2005

i think too much

My head hurts from you
All these thoughts going round and round
Like a never-ending roller coaster
Up and down and all around
Getting so fast that I feel like I might fall off the rails
Around in a cycle
It ends it begins

My body hurts from you
All my limbs sore and fragile
Like I been through the spin dryer
Battered and beaten and bruised
Not knowing if it will end but never wanting it to
Around in a cycle
It ends it begins

My heart hurts from you
It beats so hard and fast
Like a jackhammer in my chest
Banging and pounding and pumping
Will it pump so hard that it will explode?
Around in a cycle
It ends it begins

I think too much but I hope it never stops.


You knock me down But I get up again
You think you have won But I come back stronger
You want to break me But I won’t break
You want my life But it is mine
You think I have given in But keep coming back

Stronger than before
Stronger than you expected
Stronger than you had hoped
Stronger than I could have hoped

You want to be the victor But I won’t let you win
You think that I am an ant But I am a tank
You think you have me figured But I am still a mystery
You want me to lose But I am no loser
You try to deceive me But I am no fool

I want to win
I want to be strong
I want to strive
I want to conquer
You are my fear and by playing I have already won
You have no hope
Why won’t you go away?
Why won’t you just go?

I won’t

You are small and squishy
You are round and smelly
You are fuzzy and purple
You are warm and light
You are fragile and free
You are my spirit and they can crush you like a bug
Don’t let them

Thursday, January 20, 2005


I saw a man
I want that man
I need that man
Why can’t I have to that man?

I saw a life
I want that life
I need that life
Why can’t I have that life?

I saw a body
I want that body
I need that body
Why can’t I have that body?

I saw a love
I want that love
I need that love
Why can’t I have that love

Life can be so fucked

We all don’t get what we want
We all don’t get what we need
And we never get what we deserve


Unloved or incapable

I don’t want you as much as I think I do
You will change my life and I don’t know how
Do I want you to change my life
As much as I think you will
As much as I want you to
Do I need to change my life
Before I meet you
But I already love you
And you are incapable of that love
The love I already feel for you
Will you ever be capable?
I wrote this before I meet you
And this is how I feel
I have so much love to give
Do you have any?
Or have you used it all up on someone else
Not knowing that I would come along
And love you so much
That you would feel inadequate to be with me
When I feel this way not even knowing you
Do you need to be the same?
But you can’t know
That I feel this way
But I want you to know
That I fell this way
But you can’t and I feel unloved
Oh my god why?
I need to sleep

I want you

I want you my one and only
Why must I be this lonely
In the mean time I want you
In the mean time I need you
Why can’t you be mine now

You are far but yet so near
But why can’t you me here
In the mean time I want you
In the mean time I need you
Why can’t you be mine now

You are so loving but not to me
When I’m with you I feel so free
In the mean time I want you
In the mean time I need you
Why can’t you be mine now

Never ending cycle

To feel is to love
To love is to be happy
To be happy is to enjoy
To enjoy is to live
To live is to go on
To go on is to survive
To survive is to strive
To strive is to fight
To fight is to defeat the odds
To defeat the odds is to prevail
To prevail is to conquer
To conquer is to win
To win is to celebrate
To celebrate is to feel
And I’m back at the start


All we need is love
Love is all we need
Is love all we need?
Need is all we love
Need is all I have

So alone

So cold
So alone
So cold from being alone
So alone from being cold

So detached
So alone
So detached from being alone
So alone from being detached

So loveless
So alone
So loveless from being alone
So alone from being loveless

So unattached
So sick
So very alone
So, why?


Legs held high in honor of woman hood
But all is stripped away and revealed
Head bowed in shame of what I have done
But proud I have lived.

(This is not about me for i am a man and when i wrote this i was a virgin. don't really know where i came from but i wrote it. A friend of mine said it might be a past life thing. *Tim shrugs*)

In the gray

Life is all so strange. Easy to end.
Cheating doesn’t help. Easy to lose.
But it gets you further. Hard to take.
Everything is gray. Hard to handle.
Changing all the time. Hard to hold.
Always growing bigger. Easy to miss.
Gray gives way to white.
White gives way to black.
Black gives way to gray.
Gray breaks through again.
Always gray.
Never changing.
Always gray.

Needs and wants

Need to breathe
Need to live
Need to die
Need to love
Need to feel
Need to want
Want to breathe
Want to live
Want to die
Want to love
Want to feel
Want to need
Why must it all be so hard?

The dream that never stops

Time stops and I awaken
Filled with fear
Was it a dream?

I am alone
Vividly remember a dagger
Dangling over my head
Did it drop?

I move from the bed
Splash my face with water
Hunger strikes me
Is there any food?

Feel strange
Someone’s watching
No where to hide
Was that the wind?

I feel hidden
Move to the bed
And lie down
Am I asleep?

The answer is no

To feel

I don’t know what to feel
Feel like I need to peel
Peel away what’s not real
Real love is not what I feel

I don’t want to be poor
Poor and somewhat sore
Sore from being so unsure
Unsure if you to feel poor

I want to feel love like never before
Before I go to that foreign shore
Shore far from here and more
More than I have traveled before

I need someone to love

This is me (sometimes)

This is some of my poetry. I know i'm not very good but sometimes i feel the need to write so i do. Tell me if you like them or you think there crap i like to hear what people think (even if it bad). I have a lot of stuff about needs and wants. I like these words and i base my life on needs and wants.