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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

i can't

i can't seem to write... it has been a while since i wrote and i can't seem to get anything out... i'm worried

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

it's just a feeling

A sinking feeling like before
But this is different
Headache but no pain
Heavy heart but no feeling
Feel like yelling but no voice
Eyes sore but not seeing
How deep does this hole go?
If I hit the bottom will it hurt?
Or am I too far gone to feel anything?

Stop trinkets it hurts

You’ve been out gallivanting again
Without me knowing
You have dirt on your feet
Blood in your hair
Your hands are clogged with skin and bone
Why do you cut me so deep?
I feel like hate me
But the playful smile tells me otherwise
Why do you cause me so much pain?
So much torment?
I don’t want to do this
But it has to be done
You must die and your remains destroyed
I know you are part of me
But you can’t keep doing this to me
Don’t cry it will only hurt a little